JavaScript form validation – Build a JavaScript project for beginners

Today we’re going to learn how to do form validation in JavaScript. We’ll also add images and media queries to build out the entire project and keep it as a portfolio. You can get the source code, including the images, from here: CodePen GitHub Also, you can watch this tutorial on YouTube as well if […]

5 January 2022 | get inspired | | 0 Comments

Native bracket pair colourization in Visual Studio Code

I’m a big fan of the Bracket Pair Colorizer extension, but it looks like this is native in VS Code now and much faster! Configure native bracket pair colourization Make sure to remove the Bracket Pair Colorizer extension. Update VS Code Open your user settings via CMD (CTRL for non-Mac users) + Shift + P and type settings. The […]

6 tips and tricks every developer should know in Visual Studio Code

One of the most common text editors used by developers is Visual Studio Code. Microsoft created it to be the first cross-platform programming tool in the Visual Studio family that supported OS, Linux, and Windows .Visual Studio Code is by far one of the most popular code editors for web, mobile, and hardware developers. In […]

28 September 2021 | get inspired | , | 0 Comments

Visual Studio Code Shortcuts every developer should know [Windows]

Who doesn’t want to speed up their work? Especially developers. They love shortcuts. And here we are back with some very useful shortcuts for developers when using VS Code in Windows. P.S. Since this article is to make dev life easier, I have decided to keep it crisp. command explanation ctrl + / add a […]

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