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The European Union in order to scientifically document the choices of the Common Fisheries Policy, created a common Community framework to Collect, Manage and Use Data of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector.

When the pilot research completed, critical quality and quantity data for amateur fishing in Greece will be identified and evaluated for first time.

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Surveys provides to the users, who have been registered, the possibility to record their catches, as well as their annual expenses through a simple and easy-to-use environment, contributing in this way to the research of the institute.

A custom user role (Fisherman) was created on wordpress as well as the survey custom post types (Annual expenses and Fishing calendar) with specific fields for each one.

Let’s see how it works… the user (an amateur fisherman) after his registration on the website, he can login and fill out his catches and annual expenses at the relevant forms.

let’s start working on

Research results

It has been developed with PhpSpreadsheet PHP library in combination with wordpress queries, in order to export research data into excel files.

The administrator can now easily export through a simple form, the data of the relevant research (Annual expenses or Fishing calendar) for all users or for each one separately.

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