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Learn CSS by playing games – No nightmares

Everyone frontend developers nightmare is not able to positioning or align an element where it needs to be and when you try to do something UI starts to break.

Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout are really good and easy way to solve the issues related to aligning, position and bringing responsiveness to the webpage.

But the problem is we humans can’t remember all the properties of Flexbox and Grid, but we can train ourselves to remember by doing it again and again. But it is no fun and we often get bored and google each and every time to figure out how a text is aligned.

What if there is a way to master CSS in a fun way, what if it was a game. Most of the developers faced same issue when it comes to tutorials, they are no fun. So some of the smart developers came up with some of the following Games to master CSS.

Here is the list:

  1. Flexbox Froggy – Game to master Flexbox
  2. Flexbox Defense – Game to master Flexbox
  3. CSS Diner – Game to master CSS selectors
  4. Flexbox Zombies – Game to master Flexbox (Must Try)
  5. Grid Garden – Game to master CSS Grid Layout

There is one more game to master CSS Grid but I didn’t try since was little bit priced high

  1. Grid Critters – Game to master CSS Grid

These are some of the quick list of CSS games, there are lot of such games to master many of the technology.
Let me know if I missed any.

Source: dev.toAuthor: Akshay R

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